Change in Scenery

When was the last time you had a change in scenery?

We were fortunate enough to take in many of the National Parks over Spring Break in the southwest — Arches, Canyonlands, Mesa Verde, and several more. The landscape was both awe inspiring and a bit overwhelming — the vastness of open land with little beyond the road showing signs of life or movement against the looming mountains or desert.

My oldest petitioned to go to the parks — Arches specifically. My youngest, whose more into trip planning, helped contribute on where else we’d go on the trip so he could do some things he wanted to do as well.

Cell coverage was spotty, which can be good or bad. We warned the kids encouraging them to download content in advance. It was nice to unplug and disconnect. Stop thinking about work and commitments (that would still be there upon our return), and just take the change in scenery in.

Some places we loved, others were ‘meh’ (according to my kids). Some places we pushed ourselves to get to a site via a steep climb, or drove on dirt roads (not well marked) to take in something unique to the landscape. The scenery was constantly changing.

Much like parenthood the landscape can feel familiar and vast at the same time. There are experiences and sites you treasure and others that are ‘meh.’ 😂 There’s landscape that goes by too fast (kids growing up), and others slow (dirty diapers), but oh how wonderful it all is.

What change in scenery have you experienced lately? What landscapes have brought you joy or you’re glad are passed?

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