The Start of Something New

Is your child starting at a new school this year?

My youngest is entering middle school. His first new school in six years. He’s feeling a range of emotions – anticipation and excitement over the new school, what he’ll learn, how it will be different from elementary school, meeting the new students, and making new friends. He is also mourning elementary school. Classmates he grew close to, particularly towards the end of the year. Already missing those that will be moving away, or going to other middle schools. Concerned about if he will make new friends, concerned if he is ready for the harder material, ready for the independence he is gaining.

As a parent, I too am experiencing a range of emotions. I’m excited for him, but also concerned–will he be accepted as he is, will this experience be good for him, will he grow as my husband and I hope from it? I think every parent has these concerns at one time or another. But I have to let him go in order for him to grow, find himself, struggle, make mistakes and be there to help him work through the tough times, and celebrate the successes.

We’ll have the first day of school behind us before we know it. We’ll navigate the start of this something new like we have before (daycare and kindergarten)–by being open to what’s to come with optimism, preparing for unforeseen bumps, experiencing them as they come, and moving onward.

How do you help your child when they start something new? How do you help them adjust?

I’ll be off for Labor Day weekend and back in mid-September.

2 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

  1. Yes, my son is starting high school. I don’t know how it will go as usually he is not a fan of change but this year I think he is actually ready for something different. The only hickup is he has a fairly long bus commute. 🙂

    Good luck to your child. My younger child is in middle school but remains in her old school with her friends so nothing changes for her.

    • Good luck to your son as well. Someone reminded me recently how resilient/adaptable kids are. That helped. 😊 My son met a few of his classmates before school started and was thrilled when he discovered they shared the same concerns (starting at the new school), and saw the budding signs of early friendship. That seemed to put him at greater ease, and me.

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