For the Beauty of the Earth

How are you celebrating Earth Day today?

I have always been taken by things that are beautiful in nature, no matter how small. I can remember finding pretty flowers and being amazed by them as a child; finding an amethyst buried on the walking path in the backyard between our house and the neighbors — and feeling like I’d found the most beautiful thing imaginable. As an adult, I’ve only seen the appreciation grow. Every time I visit a new city, or drive through a new terrain, or experience a new season, I see beauty all around me.

My youngest son seems especially tuned-in to finding beauty in nature. It is not uncommon for him to point out a blossoming tree and comment “how pretty it is.” He recently walked a path with my husband that was near some playing fields. The path was non-descript other than having a creek that ran along side it. As my son walked with his father he commented, “how peaceful” the path was. He is aware of the beauty, acknowledges it, and shares it with others (so that it won’t be missed!).

I am often in awe of nature’s beauty and what the Earth has to offer. It saddens me when we, as a country, and as a planet, aren’t doing everything we can to retain the wonderful gifts our planet has given us. I am aware that while I get to enjoy the beauty now, it may not last forever. I very much want my kids, their kids, my great grandkids and generations beyond to experience the same beauty as well.

How are you helping your child experience the Earth’s beauty? What are you and your family doing to protect the Earth?

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