PJs All Day Long and No Where to Go

When was the last time you were in your pajamas all day long?

For me, it was probably the last time I was sick. And the time before that, I was probably sick, and so on and so on. It’s been a long time since I’ve allowed myself to hang out in my PJs all day.

My kids have had time off school lately and my youngest just lazed around the house one day in his PJs. It was colder than normal outside, so going outside wasn’t on the radar. When I asked my son, “Are you planning to change out of your pajamas anytime today?” He replied, “Mom, why would I? I don’t have anywhere to go and these are comfy.” He had a point. I feel like I run around from one thing to another all the time, work, errands, getting the kids place and back, etc. I’m not good at relaxing, or not having something to do.

Too soon my son will be my age, and he too will only remember days where hanging out in your PJs means he came down with some illness or virus. So for now, an occasional PJ day is fine. It will be a reminder to me that we all sometimes need to relax, be comfy, and have no where to go.

How do you take advantage of having no where to go? How do you take advantage of relaxing when the weather keeps you inside?


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